GE is creating a culture for its over 300,000 employees that emphasizes it is a “We Company”, rather than a “Me Company”. Two ways GE “We Company” culture empowers employees to be successful is through fostering their well-being and encouraging employee input into sustainability activities. To foster employee well-being, the company’s “HealthAhead” program provides GE employees and their families tools and resources to live a healthy lifestyle. A big part of HealthAhead is a comprehensive certification program that rewards excellence in work site health by evaluating the company’s sites on eight critical elements: Site Leadership & Wellness Teams, Education & Prevention (e.g. employees and their families are made aware of the recommended medical screening tests for their age and risk groups, and they are educated about how to prevent chronic diseases), Nutrition (e.g. cafeterias and vending machines are required to carry healthy foods so employees can make better choices), Physical Activity, Tobacco, Stress Management, Health-Related Absence, and Health Risk Questionnaire. The company has a target that all large established GE sites (100+ employees) be “HealthAhead certified” and plans to launch and roll out a program for small sites. They are also developing a company-wide healthy-weight initiative and are piloting targeted programs for employees with at-risk conditions. GE uses its “Ecomagination” program to engage employees in environmental sustainability initiatives. The “Ecomagination” program encourages employees to come up with sustainable solutions for challenges faced at work. If a site and its staff are committed to reducing GE’s carbon footprint, and energy and water use it can become an Ecomagination Nation. The eighteen sites that met the established Ecomagination Nation criteria had a savings of $2.3 million in 2012 as a result of sustainability programs. GE also uses gaming techniques to promote sustainability among employees and developed the Eco-Treasure Hunts program to make sustainability fun. The program enables employees to compete with one another in a scavenger hunt in which teams square off to see who can identify the most energy-saving opportunities at a specific GE site.  GE has conducted 200 treasure hunts across their business units and found a total of $150 million in energy savings. In support of growing diversity and inclusiveness at the company, GE’s Affinity Networks and Employee Groups help employees realize their potential by giving them a supportive community where they can develop crucial skills and establish a network of resources that help them succeed. These networks include the African American Forum (AAF), the Asian Pacific American Forum (APAF), the Hispanic Forum, the Veterans Network, the Women’s Network, and the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender & Allies Alliance (GLBTA). Each is sponsored by corporate executives who provide leadership, vision and resources to support the group’s efforts. The Corporate Diversity Council (CDC) was established as a way to engage the most senior business and functional leaders across the company.  Co-chaired by Chair and CEO Jeff Immelt and Chief Diversity Officer Deborah Elam, the CDC comprises over 20 senior executive leaders from various businesses and functions as well as Affinity Network leaders. The CDC meets three times a year to discuss diversity strategies and ideas, review primary initiatives and monitor progress. The CDC also takes a “deep-dive” into business diversity initiatives, challenges and opportunities. Through discussions in these meetings, the CDC leverages the GE Affinity Networks to support and accelerate key company initiatives.


Employee Engagement

Have diverse, equitable, thriving, participatory workforces where employees are champions of sustainability at work, at home and in the broader community.