Leading companies adopt transformational strategies to improve their business, operating context and societal conditions. Here are case studies of the transformational company qualities in action around the world. Scroll through all of the case studies below or else click on a particular quality to learn about best practices in one specific area. If your company or you know of a company that demonstrates one of these qualities let us know.

IKEA & The Better Cotton Initiative

Swedish retailer IKEA is the founding member of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). The BCI is a multi-stakeholder organization committed to reducing the environmental impacts of cotton production, improving the livelihoods of individuals in cotton producing areas, and creating a demand for sustainability produced cotton. The goal of the BCI is to transform mainstream cotton production and support all cotton supply chain actors, from producers to retailers.

Starbucks uses multi-stakeholder collaborations to address systemic barriers and challenges to recycling.

Starbucks Corporation (Starbucks), an American global coffee company, is engaging stakeholders to design and innovate sustainable solutions for the environment. A key component of Starbuck’s “responsibility” strategy is to work with regional stakeholders (non-governmental organizations, policy makers, competitors and industry associations) to improve recycling and conservation of resources.